Sunday, February 11, 2007

Change in Focus!

I've continued to try and evaluate what in the world has been going on with myself. It really isn't like me to be in a funk this long. What I came up with is that everything started spiraling out of control when I tried to back off on my distance running in order to try and build more muscle. When that is occurring, a different mindset is needed in regards to food. When I try to make this switch, something in my brain tells me that I can eat anything and everything I want. I know that isn't true but it is still what happens in my head.

What I've decided to do is to get back to what I know I do best - distance running. I'm not going to give up my lifting (still shooting for 3 days per week) but my focus is going to swing back toward the running. I've pulled off 2 10K training programs from Hal Higdon's site. One of them is an intermediate program and the other is an advanced program. I think I'm going to do them back to back (intermediate and then the advanced) which will give me 16 weeks of good consistent mileage.

A friend of mine from LL has spoken about doing a marathon together in the fall. I'm really considering taking her up on that challenge as well. I'm thinking that the 16 weeks of 10K training will give me a good base to then begin the marathon training. My hope is that this whole plan will allow me a nice gradual build up and that it won't wreak too much havoc on my body or my life.

Today was a nice easy 3 mile run with a 3/4 mile walking cool down. I was very cold out (16 degrees F) but is felt great to not only get out and run but to also know that I have a plan. Now all I have to do is work the plan and I'll reach my goal.

It feels really good to know that I have a plan and some direction again. When I started my muscle building phase I thought I had a good plan but when I look back I now have to wonder....but, at least for now I feel like I have focus and purpose and that is an awesome feeling!

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