Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Damage Control - November Day 3

Today was an amazing day on the exercise front! We did a run that my friend calls the "No Talk 5K". During this workout we run a 5K like we were in a race and then do a cool down back to our cars. Today there was a twist though: the run was basically all hills. One of these hills is an absolute bit*#! At the top of this hill I actually had to walk for a short time because I was so out of breath. From here we run back down the hill and then up a couple others. I really pushed myself hard and was rewarded when I took a look at my numbers at the end of the workout.The first mile was run in 8:39 the second mile was in 8:48 (this is the mile with the awful hill) and the third mile was in 8:21. These times are wonderful for me right now ESPECIALLY considering the course. After the fast 3 we walked for a bit and then ran back at a slow pace. The total distance covered was 4.45 miles in 39:56 for an average pace of 8:59!

If that wasn't cool enough....I was able to do my first Turbo Fire workout when I got home from work. It was the starter program where Chalene teaches you some of the moves you will perform in the "real" workouts. I put the work real in quotes because this starter program was a workout for sure! I can already feel all the muscles in my core starting to get sore. I  did pretty well with the moves too. I wasn't sure how I would do with them because I'm not really the group aerobics kind of person but this program is different. Chalene broke down the moves and did them slowly and then picked up the pace. Gradually adding moves as we went along. This program is really going to help me burn calories and tighten up my core!

Tomorrow I am hoping to run but I'm not sure what the weather is going to be doing. It is raining right now but it may turn into sleet and/or snow. If I do get out for a run it will be an easy one - don't think I could go hard after today. If I don't run then I have TF Stretch 40 on the schedule but I may add some lifting as well.

Off to get ready for tomorrow!

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