Friday, November 09, 2012

Damage Control - November 11/8

I've switched the type of title because I KNOW I will lose track of what day I'm on! LOL!!

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to write yesterday so I thought I make a short entry this morning. My run yesterday was a big struggle. My legs were still exhausted from the day before. Looking back on the day, it was a hugely intelligent move to combine my first Turbo Fire workout with a day that included the hardest run I've done in years (and that is NOT an exaggeration). However, I was really excited to get started with my new program so I'm glad I did it.

So, yesterday was already scheduled as an easy recovery run and it turned out to be very easy. I covered about 3.5 miles and even walked some of it. That particular fact didn't make Chip real happy because he was fired up to run yesterday. But I knew that the smart thing to do was to go easy - important tip!!! Listen to your body and adjust accordingly. In fact, I just told a friend how has recently started P90X - there is no rush to get through the programs. Don't be a slave to any program. The important part is to keep this lifestyle going for a.........lifetime. Sure it is good to have goals and to work toward something but not at the expense of your health!

Nutrition was only OK yesterday. I didn't get in my 3 servings of veggies but I did have my Shakeology. I also snacked on some off plan stuff - hence not getting in my last serving of veggies (I did get 3 in though). My biggest issue is the extra junk. My meals are pretty healthy but the extras that I add it are what is the biggest issue. My Friday goal is to make my nutrition plan and stick to it - no extras and no skipping. I will post my Friday results later tonight.

Have a great day!

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