Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Damage Control - November Day 2

Today is day 2 of my newest challenge and although it is early I am pleased with how it is going. Yes, I know it is still early in day 2 and that I am writing this at a little before 9 in the morning but I've already got my workout finished. Today's workout was a difficult one to get started. I was up plenty early (Chip made sure of that - the dog LOVES his schedules) but a spent a little bit of time debating whether I should do one of my existing DVD workouts or wait for my Turbo Fire which is supposed to come today. I decided to get off my butt and do a workout! I chose P90X KenpoX. I really enjoy that workout, I think in part because I don't do it very often. Even when I was doing P90X consistently, I didn't really do the cardio type workout because I was doing a P90X/running hybrid. It was a good start to the day!

As for nutrition, so far so good. I decided to change it up a bit today with my Shakeology. I usually have it for breakfast and combine it with fruit, milk and OJ. Today I decided to have an egg white/salsa breakfast and will have my Shakeology as a mid-morning snack. I'm going to try it with some super cold milk (it is in the freezer as I type). I tend to drink my Shakeology the same way every day - it comes with a calendar off all sort of different recipes but I haven't really gotten around to trying any of them. Maybe that can be a secondary goal for this challenge.

I was also very pleased that I don't have any pain in my foot after yesterday's hard run! I had periods yesterday when it was a bit uncomfortable so I made sure to stretch and ice. It seems to have worked which makes me VERY happy. I'm really starting to believe that I will be able to get back to running the way I used to run. I know that I need to keep up with the stretching and the cross-training but I'm truly hopeful that I will be able to not only get back into racing but that I will be able to do so competitively!!

If anyone reading this is encouraged to change your eating or exercising habits please feel free to contact me. I would be honored to help you on your journey. All the programs I've mentioned here are offered by Beachbody and are terrific programs but if you are just starting out and want something less challenging, I can help you there too. Please check out my website or give me a shout. You don't need to purchase anything - I just want to help you reach your goals.

Have a great day and remember to vote!!

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