Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's been a while and a new challenge!

I haven't been posting recently and I'm not sure why I stopped but I'm going to start back up - starting today (obviously).

I entered The Team Beachbody Challenge today. I'm going to follow my own P90X/Running hybrid for the next 90 days and submit my results. There are daily and monthly awards as well as a $100,000 grand prize. I have done challenges like these before (Body for Life) and haven't really made much progress with them. However, I have learned a lot since the last time I did one. I know what my biggest mistake was with the other program so I'm already a step ahead!!

I have my initial pictures and measurements for the challenge and I will be updating progress here on my blog. My hybrid program will include lifting from P90X and Insanity the Asylum as well as my running. I will also include yoga and plyometrics from P90X. I'm really looking forward to not only completing this challenge but excelling at it as well!!

I've also signed up for Chalene Johnson's Car Smart Program. My hope is that it will help me follow through with this challenge all the way to the end. I received my first installment yesterday and it dealt with confidence and stopping negative self talk. The funny thing is, it isn't anything that I haven't heard before - this time I will actually take it to heart and follow through on the actions.

My exercise sessions have been very good this week. Yesterday I did P90X Shoulders and Arms. I love that workout!! I didn't do Ab Ripper because I was afraid I had strained a muscle the last time I did it so I did a modified ab routine instead. Today was a fartlek workout with my running group. We did a total of 6 miles with about 4 of it being the fartlek section (1 mile warm-up and cool-down). We did the same workout last week but we were a bit faster this time around. I will be upfront right now - exercising usually isn't my problem. Nutrition has been my problem in the past but this time I will be using the concepts outlined in the Car Smart program. I will be using Positive Self-Talk to help change my attitudes about food.

There it is! My plan for the next few months!! Clean eating and intense exercise. I will do my best and not expect perfection. The important part is to commit fully - this was one of my biggest problems with the Body For Life challenges. Sure I told myself that I was committed but I know better now. I did not discipline myself to follow the program and took too many shortcuts. This time nothing will stop this time!!

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