Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10 of The Beachbody Challenge - Motivation!

Today has been a better day! It started off with some pretty low motivation to exercise but I turned that around by doing a lifting session that I haven't done in years. I did the BFL upper body lifting routine. The intensity was not super high but it got my butt in gear and I'm proud of that fact. I also had a decent eating day - again, not perfect but a whole lot better than it has been.

I think I have also come across some awesome motivation. While on Facebook today, I found a link to a page that showed I have a reunion coming up in November. The last time I dropped a significant amount of weight....was about 5 years ago for my last reunion. I would love to be able to wear a sexy black dress and knock the socks off of everyone there!

I'll be honest, fashion has NEVER been my thing. I am very much into comfort over fashion no matter what the venue but I think there is a tiny part of me that would LOVE to be able to make jaws just drop onto the floor (most importantly my hubby!).

Well there it is - starting tomorrow I have 106 days until the reunion. I will take measurements tomorrow and come up with my goals.

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