Friday, January 28, 2011

You are.....

You Are What You Think About Most!

I was reading a book called: "The Power of Attitude" by Mac Anderson and came upon this phrase. It is not a new one to me or to may others but it is powerful and I need to keep reminding myself of it a lot more!

I first head about this concept from David Greenwalt at Leanness Lifestyle but it really is all over. It is the basic idea behind "The Secret" and was talked about by Henry Ford and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. If you are not familiar with this type of thinking here it is in a nut shell - you will attract the things you think about. If you are being positive then you tend to see things in a positive light and get positive results in the end. The opposite is also true, if you are feeling and acting in a negative way then you will tend to get negative results in return.

I have seen this work in some areas of my life and in the lives of others around me. About a year ago, I decided to not get so worked up about things that I don't really have control over. I decided to adopt the line of thinking that things will work out and that it wasn't healthy or worth it to get all stressed out about things. I was going to work hard and do my best but if things don't work out exactly how I expect it.....that isn't necessarily all bad. I've been much more comfortable with the things going on around me! It was a wonderful change!

On the flip side, I know someone that is a negative person most of the time. As a result, when some thing happens in her life she tends to see the negative/bad side of things. Everybody is ALWAYS out to get her and she just doesn't seem happy most of the time. Who wants to live that way?!?!?!?!? Not me! It is a conscious decision that we can all make.

This all brings me back around to my exercise sessions and my nutrition. I have, for a long time, used this type of thinking with my exercise sessions. When I'm running up a big hill I will repeat phrases like: "I am a strong runner", "Beat the hill" or "I am strong and I will get up this hill". I am using this same thinking during my Insanity workouts. Today was Pure Cardio and it was hard (no breaks) but I just tried to keep my thinking positive and it really helped me work through the session. I didn't get down when I HAD to take breaks. I viewed it as the first steps toward a stronger and healthier me. It's all in the attitude!!

Now my nutrition.....I haven't been using this technique. Duh! It really struck me as I was reading the book last night. My common phrase is, "I struggle with the nutrition aspect of my programs" Can we say it again? DUH!!!
Of course I've been struggling with the nutrition because I've been telling myself over and over again that I struggle with my nutrition!!! I am making a pledge to myself today that I am changing the way I think about food and my overall nutritional program. I am not perfect and my nutrition won't be either. However, I'm going to do work on keeping a clean diet 80% of the time and I'm going to use the Law of Attraction line of thinking to change my views about food.

We all have choices in life. We can choose to be positive or negative. We can choose to be healthy or sickly. We can choose to use this technique or not. What are your choices and how are they effecting your lifestyle and your happiness? I challenge you to try this way of thinking and see how it changes your life! Are you up for the challenge? I am!!

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