Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Start of Insanity and some Accountability

It has been some time since I've posted here and I think it is about time I started again. I was inspired by my new friend Jessica. I know I need to change my way of thinking about my lifestyle and hopefully this will help me get that ball rolling.

I've been using the Beachbody program P90X since the beginning of June 2010. I was having some foot problems and really needed to cut back my running. My entire workout regimen had be skewed toward running. I was no longer lifting or stretching and I believe this was a large part of my problem (there was also a biomechanical problem). So I purchased the P90X program and it was just what I needed! I got me back into lifting and stretching and even added some Yoga. My body was continuing to make positive changes but I was feeling the need for more of a challenge. Enter Insanity!

Insanity is the most intense workout program I have ever seen. I'm only 2 days into it but I already love it. It starts with a Fit Test where you have 8 different exercises that you do for 1 minute and count how many reps you can complete. You retake the test every 2 weeks to chart your progress. Here are my initial numbers:

Switch Kicks 69
Power Jacks 62
Power Knee 106
Power Jumps 39
Globe Jumps 11
Suicide Jumps 16
Push-up Jacks 23
Low Plank Oblique 60

I'm quite pleased with these numbers and can't wait to watch them increase as I progress through the program.

Today was the first actual workout and it was called Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It was really hard! I wore my HR monitor and my average HR was 168 bpm. It left me huffing and puffing and sweat just pouring off my body. It was hard but I loved every minute of it!

My goals, as of right now, are to lose about 20 pounds and to increase my fitness level to a point where I feel I can successfully complete the Half Wit Half Marathon again and beat my previous time (which I will find and post later).

Thanks for reading and I welcome any and all comments and accountability comments.

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