Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Power & Resistance

Day 3 of Insanity is the Cardio Power & Resistance workout. It was an awesome workout and really showed me some of my weak areas. Powerful and explosive movements are not my forte - at least not yet!

The workout is extremely difficult. I even started to get a bit lightheaded at the very end of the session. I took a break through most of the last combo. At first, I was a bit upset with myself but then took a step back and took pride in what I did accomplish. Even the people on the DVD take breaks and stop early and I know this isn't their first time through the workouts. My max HR hit 173 during this workout. I want to keep track of my HRs to see if it changes over the course of the workouts. I plan to use average HRs for just the working sections (not the warm-up or cool-down) but today I forgot to set the lap button so the HR values represent all parts of the workout.

I have also been trying to pay more attention to my nutrition. I am trying to focus on keeping most (if not all) caffeine and sugar out of my diet. If I can do this at least 80% of the time, I think it will make a significant difference in my health and appearance. So far the past few days have been really good. I've had some sugary cravings but I have been able to avoid most of them. I have definitely increased my fruit intake and this has helped with the sugar cravings.

Tomorrow is the recovery workout - I'm really looking forward to it! Have a great day!

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