Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm Taking a VERY Important Step!

I've been a part of Club Lifestyle for a number of years now and I truly believe it is the best and most comprehensive program out there, for the transformationist - hands down! Within the Club, Coach has some pretty intense programs that you can participate in and get extra, specialized attention. You can participate in a Bootcamp or become an Elite member. These 2 programs have been a dream of mine but to be completely honest, I couldn't afford them. I know that they are worth every penny that Coach charges and that if you compared the services and expertise that you got it is actually a "steal". However, the costs were simply outside of our family budget.

Now for the AWESOME news. Coach has created a program called Leanness Lifestyle Evolution (LLE 1.0) and I have officially signed up. I'm not going to be working with Coach Dave but we have a number of other absolutely wonderful coaches in the Club. I am so excited to be getting the chance to learn about all the missing pieces and to be pushed to my absolute best. I've had some interesting conversations with Coach Dave over the past couple of days. It can be a touch grating at times but I really do love the way he just lays it out there and doesn't worry about "hurting your feelings" - don't get me wrong, he isn't hurtful, he just puts out an objective opinion. That can be really hard to hear but so very important.

I've actually been doing pretty well this week. I believe I started at 155# on Sunday and I'm now down to 151.5#. Must of this early weight loss is fluid and I know that but I was struggling so much for so long that it's just nice to see the numbers moving in the right direction. I think the better eating and the resistance training is paying off. Today's trail run (very hilly) felt really pretty easy. I led the group most of the 7 miles but did slow down a bit to back track to some of the other runners that were struggling on a particularly tough hill. I even had a couple of runners today mention how great I did. I don't need the praise but it is nice to hear.

Tomorrow's workout will be interval training. I'm very interested to see how that goes. I'm really looking forward to fast times and strong running as my nutrition improves and my training progresses. I honestly feel that with everything I'm going to learn in my class, the weight I'm going to lose and the training (and better nutrition) I'm going to put in - I WILL qualify for Boston on October 12th at the Steamtown Marathon!

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