Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Have Taken Action!

It is time to get this extra weight off! My first step was to come up with a leverage - something that I give to someone else to "hold". If I make my goal then I get it back and if I don't make my goal then I lose it. I'm not usually very good at coming up with effective leverages but I've chosen cash. I have given my husband $60 to hold as my leverage. That amount my not seem like a lot but it is 30% of my monthly spending money so it will be a substantial hit to me if I lose it. My goal is to lose 6 pounds by July 31st.

When I reach this goal I will then set a weight lose goal for August and add another $60 to the pot. Yes, that's right! In August, if I do not make my goal I will lose $120! I am determined to get my weight down for Steamtown and for my health!

I've also come up with a mantra for myself: Better lifestyle; Better life! I know that it is time to view this whole process differently. I feel like I'm still working on this like it is a "diet" - something I'm going to do for a set period of time and then stop. I need to change that point of view and consider this a lifestyle!

Today I ran 5 miles, at a nice quick pace (8:24 m/m) and then started the Afterburn lifting program. The Afterburn program is very challenging and I think it will really help my running as well! I started with 2 sets of the exercises and my whole body was pretty shaky when I was finished. In addition, I can already feel that I'm going to be a touch sore tomorrow - I Love That Feeling after a good lifting session!

I'm very pleased with the way today has gone. My husband and I went to some outlets today (actually got some Christmas presents bought) which meant that lunch was eaten out. I had a nice salad with some chicken and some Asian-sesame dressing. Dinner was here at home and I did well with controlling any "trolling". I am excited to see if I have a weight drop in the morning. I also took the step today of taking some body measurements. Both circumferences and a 1 site skinfold. I will take these measurements on a regular basis to make sure my efforts are progressing me forward.

Day 1 is over and it has been very successful!

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