Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday 3/29/08

This is going to be a tough week for me for a number of reasons. My husband will be away until Thursday afternoon so for the next week I'll be a single parent. In addition, because he will be gone, I won't be able to do any running (although I am hoping to work something out with a friend of mine so that we can get some miles in during the evening hours) - no one to watch the kids.

It is going to be really strange not being able to run but I'm going to try and do some combo workouts. I find it very boring to just sit on the bike for an hour but I thought I could combine some jumping rope and the bike as well as some lifting and the bike. I'm hoping that the changing up of the type of exercise will really give my body a boost because I really am getting nervous about the trail marathon. I put a countdown timer down at the bottom of the page (although I may try and move it around) and there really isn't a lot of time to get ready for this race and with my cold etc it is just really freaking me out!

My nutrition plan has been going really well. I made a weight loss goal on LL and I've been doing a good job at not only following my plan but also logging everything. I'm also being rewarded on the scale - I've dropped 3 pounds over the past few days (yes I realize that a lot is water weight). The way I've been feeling the past few days (minus the cold) just really hits home just how much of an affect a good nutrition plan can have - I just feel better!!

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