Monday, March 10, 2008

Another new exercise session!

Today I went swimming, for exercise, for the first time in.....well let's just say it's been a really long time! Last summer, we joined an outdoor pool but the kids didn't really have much in the way of swimming skills so I didn't want to leave them alone. I would occasionally sneak in a couple of laps here and there but nothing worthy of note.

It was really GREAT! There weren't huge numbers of people (everyone had their own lane) and I didn't die. That last part, I feel, is really key - LOL! It also just felt great to do something different. I swam for about 40 minutes and was then able to shower and dress there so when I got home, all I had to do was worry about getting the kid's stuff ready. If the finances were there, I would join the gym tomorrow!
Tomorrow I will be back out on the roads - I'm hoping for a 6 mile run. Not sure if I'll get that in because the other people I'm meeting have all been fighting bad colds so they may not want to run those types of miles so soon. I'm hoping to be a bit more consistent this week because I realized today that our trail marathon is about 5 weeks away. That means we also need to get at least one 20 miler in here soon too. Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more this weekend!!
Keep on runnin'!

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Julie said...

Cheryl ~
I can't wait to read your race report on your trail marathon!