Sunday, April 18, 2010

"I Choose Challenge" - 4/18/10

Today has been a pretty good day! My eating was really good up until dinner (poor planning on my part). The good part is that I didn't allow that to mess up the rest of my evening!!!

I did not get an exercise session in though - my son was up sick (again) a number of times overnight and I just didn't have the energy to get moving first thing this am. We then had a fun and busy day at the Wilmington Blue Rocks game. My son got to run out on the field with the players for the National Anthem and then after the game he got to run around the bases. Our seats were great (right behind the 1st base dugout). The Rocks lost the game but it was a great time!!

Probably the best part was when I ran into my cousin that I haven't seen in 9 1/2 years!!! Yes, I said years - I didn't even recognize her. She was a young girl the last time I saw her. I'm hoping to keep in better contact with her now that I know she is in the area.

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