Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 2 (4/17/10)

I got up this morning and did my Cardio Coach Version 8 program this morning. It is a good workout! Some of the intervals are much longer than on his other programs - it was a nice change of pace. I really enjoy doing his programs! I also don't know what I would do if I didn't have these programs (because of my foot).

I've done pretty well with my eating today - not perfect but pretty good. I had a number of opportunities where I could have had a lot of junk but I kept things pretty clean. My daughter had a soccer game and my son had a baseball game - both sites had concession stands and I stayed away. I took a look once but walked away.

Tomorrow I need to take some measurements and finish my fruit salad (if I don't do that part tonight). We are also going to a baseball game (my son and his team are getting a chance to run out onto the field with the players) so I will again be tempted with the dreaded concession stand!!!

Other things I want to accomplish in the next few days:
  1. Make a vision board.
  2. Make some menus (3-4 weeks worth).
  3. Go food shopping.
  4. Set goals for both my fitness and my running (although I realize this will need to be modified).
  5. Write my "Why" - this is always something I really struggle with. I never seem to find that fire/spark that excites me whenever I think about it.
That's a lot to take care of over the next few days! Off to try to work on some of the above and watch my Phillies!

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