Thursday, May 08, 2008

Triple Crown Race Report and other stuff

I'll admit it - I'm not going to get a race report typed in here. I am mentally and physically worn down from work and it just isn't worth trying to get it typed. Suffice it to say, I had an awesome time and I honestly believe that I WILL do it again next year. The official results are in:

Finish time: 5:51:46
87th Overall finisher
13th Female finisher
3rd in my age group (30-39)

I am thrilled with the results especially knowing that I walked a number of miles with a friend who was struggling. I could have had a better time but friends and safety are (and always will be) much more important!

This week has been crazy with work, kid activities and hubby working OT. I haven't gotten in much running but it's probably a good thing because of all the other types of stress recently. I'm still hoping for a good showing at the Bell Supply Ten Miler on the 18th!

I had a rude awakening of sorts last night. We had a school function and I get my nice shorts out to put on and they were TIGHT! I know that I'm heavier than I would like to be but those shorts were pretty darn loose last summer. This has prompted me to get off my horse and set some goals (they aren't necessarily finished and polished but it's a start). My transformation goal is to get down to 130 and 19% body fat. I may not maintain that weight but I will get there! I still need to work on some intermediate goals but they will be up soon too.

Gotta go!

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