Monday, May 19, 2008

Race Results and a Long Week

This past Sunday was the Bell Supply 10 Miler that I've been training for. Last year I ran it in 1:16:00 and placed 3rd in my age group. Over the past year, I have logged many "slow" miles and not many "fast" ones. I've also put on probably a good 10 pounds. However, I still had a goal of running this year's race in a faster time and moving up in my age group win. Well, I'm proud to say that 1 of those goals was achieved and I came really close to the other one. I was unable to run the 10 miles in a faster time but I was able to complete it in 1:18:10. Even though I didn't reach my goal, I'm thrilled with the time. I left it all out on the course and I honestly don't think I would have been able to go any faster than I did!

The goal I did achieve: I was able to move up a place in my age group and ended up with a 2nd place trophy (see above). They are cute little bobble head trophies! I was also the 4th woman to finish and 23rd overall finisher.

The busy/long week stems from the fact that it is our last week of school with the kids. So, there are programs, trips, picnics and report cards. I still need to go in next week and clean up the room and take things off the walls and those sorts of things but at least there aren't any after hours planning etc. I'm really looking forward to having the summer off so that I can get my head straight. It has been a challenging year with my co-teacher and I'm looking forward to moving on to something new!

I have also been maintaining my running. I've been able to get in 1 lifting session (still need to finish 2 more by Sunday) and I've gone out for 2 runs. My legs were still pretty tight and tired on Tuesday but felt much better today. I'm hoping to get out for 5 miles tomorrow.

Time flies when your to our school picnic!

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