Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday 5/11/08

This was a really great weekend!

Saturday looked like it was going to be an awful day because of an insane schedule. We were supposed to have soccer pictures, soccer games and a birthday party that my dd was going to. As it turned out, the rain we've had lately cancelled the pics and the games which lightened the load tremendously. Instead of running around all day long, we actually got a chance to sit and relax. The birthday party was also good because it turned out to be a drop-off type party. So, instead of sitting in a bowling alley for 3 hours I was able to go home and relax - again. That never happens!!!

My workout was also good on Saturday. Because of the supposed insane day, I stayed at home and ran (1 less hassle). I was able to cover 8 miles in a little over an hour. Today's workout was also good. I met Cathy and we ran 10.6 miles in about 1:41:00. Not real fast but not real slow. Overall a good weekend of running! Next Sunday is my 10 miler and I really want to try and beat my time from last year so I probably won't run on Saturday. My schedule is also up in the air for this week because dh will be working some more overtime and the weather forecast is a bit iffy.

I also had a great Mother's Day! My dd tried to give me breakfast in bed - unfortunately, she put cereal in a bowl (with the milk) at about 6 am and I didn't get home until about 7:45 am. Needless to say, it was a bit soggy! However, I loved the thought and the effort. The kids made me some beautiful crafts and my dh bought me some Techwick running shirts - love that material. It's from EMS at it is absolutely awesome!

Total Different Topic!
I was reading a post by IronWil and she posted something right on the mark for me. Here is a section from her post:

I'm learning that habits, good or bad, are pretty powerful things. They're so powerful in fact, I've recently come to admit that some of mine have involved behaviors I didn't even enjoy, but simply felt compelled to repeat regardless of knowing I'd just feel like crap in the end. From oversleeping to letting people regularly waste my time, my actions and interactions weren't benefiting me at all, and I only felt regret and anger with myself for allowing them to continue. Problem was, however, I didn't know how to make myself stop.

I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find the big cause... that subconscious, psychological need now manifesting itself as said habits, but you know what? I finally just woke up and realized they were all just simple practiced actions, and like all animals, I'd been trained.

The comments that I've put in bold really jumped out at me. Many of my poor food choices are just unhelpful habits that I have felt compelled to repeat over and over again. I then also go through that painful experience of trying to figure out "WHY" I do these things to myself. I think I really just need to start "sucking-it-up" and work on breaking those habits. I know it won't be easy but as they say: It takes 2 weeks to form a new habit. I need to start working on those new habits right away!

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