Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Year Ends and Another Year Begins

This has, in many ways, been a great year for me. My family is healthy and happy and when that is the case most other things are secondary.

Earlier this year I found a wonderful group to run with! They are some of the nicest people I have ever come in contact with and I thank God every day for them. It has made running something that I truly love to do. Before, I did it because it helped keep me in shape and because I knew I was good at it - now I get up and look forward to meeting up with them, having some awesome conversations and pretty much just pounding out the miles.

This group really helped me finish the Marine Corps Marathon. I really have my doubts that I would have been able to put in the miles that are needed if I had had to do it completely on my own. Because of these wonderful people, I'm also planning on running in a couple of other marathons in the upcoming year.

Speaking of the upcoming year, I have placed a couple of new items in the column to the right. One is a list of goals for 2008 (which I may alter &/or add to as the year goes on) and the other is a list of races I would like to run this year. This too may be changed/added to as the year progresses.

The "bad" part of this past year is that I have allowed my weight to get up higher than is comfortable. It is the weight I was when I got married, almost 11 years ago, but I have come to realize that I am much more comfortable when I'm a good 10 pounds lighter. It really started when my marathon training kicked into high gear. I started making poor eating choices - way too many processed carbs - and started eating them in quantities that were too large. I was able to hold pretty steady before the marathon but since then I have been unable to decrease the eating as my training decreased. It is something I am really trying to get a handle on RIGHT NOW!

Tomorrow will be my last 2 workouts for 2007. I plan on lifting (Afterburn) first thing in the am and then meeting "The Gang" for an early morning run (actually late for us - 5:45 am). I am really excited to figure out exactly how many miles I logged this year. I know it is over 1000 but because I slacked off in keeping track of it here I will wait until tomorrow and then download from my Forerunner and figuring out exactly what the totals are. I have finished the year strong - since 12/23 (start of my Christmas break) I have logged 55.94 miles and will probably do somewhere between 4 and 6 tomorrow.

I guess that is all for now - until tomorrow when I post my totals. Keep on runnin'!

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Julie said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl!!!!!!!!!!