Sunday, June 01, 2008

Not so good lately!

Talking about my food intake - I am making poor food choices AND eating way too much of it! The worst part (to me) is that as I make those poor choices, I'm conscious of what I'm doing and pretty much say f*** it and go ahead with an action that I KNOW I should stop dead in it's tracks. An action that I KNOW will make me feel worse afterwards. How utterly messed up is that?

On a positive note, my exercising has been going well. I've done 3 lifting sessions this week and have had some pretty good runs. However, I must keep reminding myself of something that Coach Dave says:

You can not outrun poor nutrition choices!

It is so true! I could run and lift for hours and hours every week (OK, I already do) and if I continue to eat crappy food and make crappy choices - I will continue to gain weight and not lose it, no matter how much I'm exercising!!!!!!

A friend from LL is having a "Junkless June" competition with 25 of her relatives. Each person writes down 3 thing that they feel will be difficult to live without for the next 30 days and then everyone much avoid every item on the list. Every "cheat" costs you $5 and if you drop out you owe $20. I thought this was a great idea and asked my parents if they wanted to join me in a similar competition. I will also ask my dh but I have a feeling he is going to say no - but it can't hurt to ask.

Off to do some chores around the house - until next time!

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