Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Here is a picture of the camera that I got for my birthday! It is awesome and I love it! I will post the first couple of pictures that we took with the camera.
I've been doing much better with my nutrition and fitness programs over the past couple of days. It isn't much but I was able to drop 1/2 a pound. I'm also going to try a little visual incentive program with myself. I'm going to put a sticker on the calendar every time I have a successful day. Note, that it doesn't have to be a "perfect" day - I'm trying to get out of my all-or-none mentality and move toward a lifestyle.
Today's run was difficult because of the humidity. We have been in a pretty bad heat wave over the past week or so. It was nice for the kids swim lessons though - the hot temps and heated up the pool water nicely so that it is refreshing but not freezing! Speaking of swim lessons, the kids did well yesterday. Will struggled a touch because of his lack of confidence and I was actually nervous that they might try to move him down a group but he made it through yesterday and then we worked on some things when we stayed afterwards. He seems to be gaining confidence so I'm happy. Ally is her normal fish self and did great!
Off to get some work done before swim lessons!

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