Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thinking Positive


I woke up this morning after a 3rd night of not being able to sleep, I'm fighting a cold, my neck feels like it could spasm & it is that time of the month. I got myself out for my exercise, modified because of the above list, and decided something while I was out there. I need to decide to be positive. So here is the challenge: Decide to be positive all day.

1. The kids getting on your nerves - decide to be positive, many people want kids and can't have them.
2. Family (Parents, In-laws, Dh...) driving you nuts - decide to be positive, many people in this world are completely alone.
3. Falter on your program yesterday - decide to be positive, today is a new day and a fresh start.
4. Feeling bad about where you health is right now - decide to be positive, you are making a difference in you health each and every day.
5. Things at work driving you insane - decide to be positive, many people don't have jobs, money or a roof over their heads.

These are just a few. We all have things in our lives that get us down - Don't let it happen, BE POSITIVE TODAY!

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