Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I've been swimming upstream......

....and not making much headway!

As you can see from the dates, I have not been doing much posting. I have been absolutely slammed by "stuff". I just finished writing an apology to a dear friend because I pretty much dropped out of a Bible study we were doing and that she was putting her heart and soul into.

I feel like it is just an excuse but in the past month I have started a new school year, have started taking a class of my own, the kids have started school, the kids have started soccer (with 3 practices and 2 games every week) as well as my marathon training and fundraising. It feels like I have been trying to play catch-up for the last month and not doing very well!

The marathon is in less than 1 month - I can't believe it is almost here! I hope that once the race is over and I settle into work a bit more that things will get better. I also didn't help that I had a weekend fro HELL the other week. I had an awful experience at work one Friday. My co-worker dropped a load of crap in my lap. The worst part was that it was the same crap we went through last year and I thought we had gotten past it. I have been trying so hard to keep the communication lines open, share ideas and not step on toes. Yet, she still seems to be unable to talk to me as a civil adult. She either doesn't say anything (keeps it bottled up) and then explodes or says something in a totally "bitchy" way. The part that pisses me off the most though is that I'm letting it affect me at work. I'm constantly thinking about how things will look to her so that I don't have to go through the emotional roller coaster again (did I mention it brought me to tears for the entire length of the meeting and then brought me to tears for the rest of the weekend - whenever I thought about it). I honestly feel that I have good instincts when it comes to my job. Did I do everything right? Of course not but I did not desire what I got!

Then to make that weekend even better, my Mom was admitted to the hospital because she was having trouble breathing (she's out now but still not completely recovered) and our washer broke (in the middle of a cycle of course). I have to admit it was a "perfect" ending to a "perfect" weekend!

It's late and I need to go get ready for tomorrow. Here's to hoping things get better!

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